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Buy Malaki Hookah Flavor 1kg Online. Current hookah shisha from the custom and culture of the Assembled Bedouin Emirates. Malaki Molasses Tobacco is a generally new shisha brand to the market and they expect to carry a cutting edge contort to customary hookah flavors. An assortment of shisha tastes from around the world in a comfortable blonde tobacco with red color. Anticipate strong, inventive flavors from the beginning of your hookah meeting to the completion.

Beginning with the greatest fixings, Malaki Molasses hand strips and dishes every tobacco leaf to make the smoothest, most tasty mixes in the business. Malaki expects to fill the hole of other excellent brands that miss the mark with temporary flavor and woody tobacco that is brimming with stems. An inspiration to further develop the shisha experience with added comfort and premium quality shisha tobacco.

Taking quality assembling much further, Malaki Tobacco is reevaluating the way that molasses is made, sold and delighted in. By putting time and cash into new innovation and creation processes, Malaki is utilizing care, accuracy and longing for a more current hookah experience.

Buy the new Malaki Molasses flavors in mass with 1kg instances of fixed premium molasses!

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Amazon, Double Apple, Grape, Gum Mint, Lemon Mint, Mint, Orange Mint, Grape Mint, Watermelon


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