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Buy Adalya Tobacco Flavor 1kg Online

Buy Adalya Tobacco Flavor 1kg Online. New to America, Adalya Hookah Tobacco was established in 2003, and shisha creation is situated in Turkey. The biggest producer of hookah shisha in Turkey and the second biggest on the planet. More than 20 shocking shisha flavors are accessible in the U.S. counting the dearest Love 66. Excellent Virginia tobacco with premium fixings like vegetable glycerin, molasses and normal enhancing.

Hookah shisha produced using simply the greatest fixings including Virginia leaf blonde tobacco, vegetable glycerin, molasses, and all-regular enhancing added substances. A smoke basically the same as the popular Al-Fakher Tobacco brand yet with more outlandish and inventive hookah mixes to browse.

Well known for interesting, imaginative shisha mixes, Adalya Tobacco has gotten the hearts of hookah devotees all over the planet with flavors like Love 66 and Lady slayer. Other appealing mixes incorporate the colorful Hawaii, Baku Evenings, Blue Lychee, Mango Tango, Swiss Bonbon, and the strangely named Tynky Wynky.

1kg tobacco plastic cases are for your go-to Adalya Shisha flavors. The mix you are continuously returning to. Stock up with a 1kg box to ensure you won’t run out at any point in the near future. Experience around 100 hookah bowls of Adalya Shisha with each 1kg tobacco plastic tub.

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Blue MLN, Lady Killer, Mi Amor, Mint, Orange Mint, The Two Apples


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